Mom crying again during bedtime story

Cincinnati OH: Local resident Jessica Pattern was seen crying again Monday night while reading her daughters a bedtime story. The story, Franny’s Father is a Feminist, was new to the family but will join the collection of ‘touching’ stories that make Pattern cry before she can finish reading.

“It’s totally uncomfortable,” said her oldest daughter. It has been reported that Pattern once cried in front of her daughter’s first grade class while reading an especially moving story aloud. Eyewitnesses confirm that most of the students and the teacher pretended it wasn’t happening and avoided eye contact.

Other books representative of the sobbing mom literary canon include Miss Rumphius (the part about making the world more beautiful); I’ll Love You Forever (refrain at end to adult child); and the novel Wonder (the whole thing).

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  1. The Runaway Bunny – gets me every time. I just asked my kids if they remember it and their response: “Yup – it was dumb.”

    1. the mommy hack says:

      Yes! How could I forget that one; perfect tear-jerker

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