Naughty person pulls off cake heist

Cincinnati, OH: After hours of speculation, a new suspect has been identified in the so-called Great Cake Caper of 2019.

“It wasn’t Margaret; it was the naughty pewson,” explained sole witness Margaret Hunt, who was looking forward to chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and colorful roses for her 4th birthday. She had been riding home from the grocery store in the backseat near the cake when a large chunk of chocolate icing disappeared from the top.

This marks the fourth time this year that the naughty person has been rumored to appear. Other naughty person incidents involved pulling Margaret’s older sister’s hair, picking the lilies in the yard, and stealing a bag of veggie straws from the pantry earlier this summer.

Updates to the cake caper will be posted as the story develops. If you have any information regarding the naughty person, please contact Margaret’s family.

This is the only known photo of the naughty pewson.

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