Phew! Resting bitch face result of Botox, not feminism

Cincinnati, OH: The situation was tense Thursday afternoon when a local anonymous woman failed to smile after a passerby remarked on her appearance.  “She has a nice rear end but a terrible attitude,” said Chad Hunt, the alleged RBF victim who had spotted her on the street and shouted a compliment in her direction from his car window. “I gave her a compliment, and she didn’t even crack a smile. I got the resting bitch face.”

An investigation of the incident has revealed that the failure to smile was not a rejection of the patriarchy, but an innocent case of of craniofacial paralysis resulting from injections of botulism toxin.

“I felt rude making people watch me visibly age,” said the woman, “so I paralyzed key facial muscles, making me appear stridently unappreciative of buttocks attention from a stranger.”

The victim of the resting bitch face incident has accepted her apology, “I guess paralysis is an ok excuse,” said Hunt. “But I wish women would smile more and learn to appreciate a compliment.”

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