Woman diagnosed with Munchausen imposter syndrome faked falsely thinking that she fakes everything

Cincinnati, OH: An area woman who thought she had imposter syndrome has recently been diagnosed with Munchausen. “I thought I had the disorder where you falsely worry you are faking your way through life,” she said. “But it turns out I have the disorder where you fake disorders. So I was actually faking falsely thinking I fake everything.”

Her psychiatrist, Chad Hunt, added: “It’s the sweet spot on the Venn diagram of predominantly female psychological disorders.” He wasn’t able to confirm whether the two afflictions cancel each other out or make a person more crazy. “All I know is she was impersonating a person with imposter syndrome,” he said. “Wait…or did the imposter syndrome cause us to think she had Munchausen? Shit, I guess we’d better have more sessions before I publish my magnum opus on this disorder.”

Follow up reports reveal that Hunt himself has been diagnosed with a new syndrome, yet unnamed, which is the opposite of imposter syndrome. 

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