Checks and balances mansplainer preparing term limit monologue

Cincinnati, OH: An area man who comforted concerned female friends and colleagues after the 2016 election by explaining how checks and balances work is preparing his monologue for the 2020 election. “If Cheeto man wins again, I’ll just explain that US presidents are only allowed two terms,” he said. “I might add that our country always swings from one party to the other and it’s just a normal part of democracy.”

It’s been reported that after the 2016 election, he did an excellent job of explaining that there is an executive, judicial, and legislative branch of US government to his female friend who has an advanced degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Each branch of government is a check on the other one’s power,” he shrewdly asserted.

The man, who will be least affected by the disaster that has struck the nation, thinks people are getting worked up over nothing. “I’ll just explain that Trump will be out for sure in four more years because that’s how our system works,” he said. When questioned about Trump’s recent jokes regarding a five-term presidency, the man suggested people lighten up and not take everything so seriously.

There was no word on how the policy of child separation at the border, removal of drinking water protections, or state laws forcing young girls to give birth to their rapist’s baby had taken place within the checks and balances system. He says he’ll work on an explanation for that as soon as he gets a chance.

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