Adorable toddler ravages Mother’s Day display

Cincinnati, OH: To commemorate another year of great parenting, a local 3-year-old raided a grocery store Mother’s Day display yesterday morning. “Hewe, mommy,” she said, tearing every balloon from the display before careening toward the potted plants. “Dere fow Mothew’s Day.” 

The mom rescued a fistful of “your special day” balloons from her daughter’s clutch and righted a plant teetering on a table’s edge before running to the produce section to grab her busy, adorable child. 

Because it was Mother’s Day, about half of the customers refrained from giving the usual dirty look. “I’m truly blessed,” the mom yelled over her shoulder. 

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  1. I ❤️ how everyone refrained from the typical dirty look on behalf of Mother’s Day – – Happy Mother’s Day to all – but especially to those poor moms finding themselves in a grocery store, chasing after a toddler!!!

    1. the mommy hack says:

      And happy mother’s day to you, too! I hope it was relaxing.

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