Neighbor casually seeking kid to do her bidding again

Cincinnati, OH: It’s been reported that local resident Jessica Pattern is looking for a college kid who needs a little extra cash. “If anyone has a college age son (or even a responsible high-schooler!!!), I just need to plant fence-line shrubs, a few perennials, mulch the beds, and mow and fertilize the yard,” she posted to the neighborhood facebook group. “It’s just a small, one-time job that should only take 2 hours tops!!!” 

This comes on the heels of her request for someone’s “handy husband” to hang a couple doors and ceiling fans (not a big job—about 20 minutes!!!!) or any neighborhood kids looking for “a little extra cash” to shovel her driveway after a major blizzard. 

She’s also reportedly looking for a mother’s helper. She will not be on the premises to assist the mother’s helper, but she prefers a young girl “just looking to get her feet wet,” and “it’s more of a play date, really, or a babysitting internship.” When pressed on the matter, Pattern asserted that her baby and twin toddlers are super fun, and everyone tells her they should be paying her to hang out with them.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I know this mom – she also routinely asks me to craft elaborate letters on her behalf – since I’m a writer anyway and it all comes so quick and easy to me . . .

    1. the mommy hack says:

      Yes! She’s also pretty sure it’ll be fun to write those letters, since writing is fun for you.

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