Helpful person lets everyone know when things are ridiculous

Hebron, KY: An area man with an ability to know when something is ridiculous has been recognized for his willingness to share that information with the general public. The recognition came shortly after a TSA agent asked him to remove his shoes in an airport security line. “This is totally ridiculous,” he said, as everyone around him silently followed directions. He also noted that the length of the line was ridiculous as was the traffic on the way to the airport. It was also ridiculous that he had to hold his arms up in the new scanning machine before proceeding to his gate. When his fortune took an even darker turn with an inconvenient flight delay, he noted that things had become “unacceptable.”

This report comes on the heels of it being ridiculous that he had to show a Costco membership card to enter the store and that he had to use a paper, rather than plastic, straw at a local restaurant.

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  1. Hey — I think I know this guy! A hilarious post . . . as usual!!!!!

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