Moral dilemma regarding feedback in airport bathroom

Atlanta, GA: A traveler recently experienced a major dilemma when faced with a new touchscreen bathroom survey at the Atlanta International Airport. “The facilities were ok but left something to be desired,” she said. “But I had to touch the ambivalent face on a screen crawling with international fecal bacteria and viruses to let them know.” 

After years of engineering touch-points out of airport facilities, the inexplicable new touchscreen survey provides a Sophie’s choice for international travelers. Bathroom users are asked to touch a face on a screen corresponding with their experience as they exit the facilities.

The ethically delicate choice is complicated by multiple variables. “The frowny face would have the worst germs on it, but also provide the most important feedback,” said a bathroom touchpoint engineer on the condition of anonymity. “So in that scenario, is the cost-benefit analysis tipped more in favor of touching the screen or away? And what about the moral obligation not to spread your own germs around the world? Does that outweigh the duty to let management know about the state of the bathroom?”

As of press time, the woman still has not made a decision. This development comes on the heels of reports that McDonald’s touch screens harbor fecal matter and the pediatrician’s office uses a touch screen for appointment check in. 

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