New program will provide mothers with Victorian lady postcard memes

Amid mounting evidence that mothers in the US have among the world’s highest levels of stress due to lack of work-life balance and childcare support, the government will step in and offer new memes with Victorian-style women saying funny things. They may also include the kind with a 1950s woman being totally outrageous in a hilarious way.

“While many European countries have offered programs such as laundry service, childcare and postpartum counseling, the US is offering something cheaper and more in line with our independent spirit,” said HHS official Chad Hunt. The program, called “MEme time,” is designed for those precious free moments between rushing from a job to daycare, buying dinner ingredients with a tantrummy toddler, making dinner, cleaning up, putting resistant kids to bed, working through mounds of laundry and finally going to sleep only to be woken multiple times in one night. “Laundry time or that final wake up is prime MEme time,” said Hunt. “Moms—or “mamas” as I plan to call them in my memes—will instantly feel amazing.” 

It’s been reported that the department is also researching cursive font memes encouraging moms to look on the bright side. “Laughter is the best medicine,” said Hunt. “Hey, that’s an awesome first meme. I think I’ll put that in that a fun gold cursive font.”

Follow-up reporting reveals that Hunt will earn an additional $250,000 a year for his tireless work and groundbreaking vision to improve the quality of life for American women.

This cursive font will be used to help mothers feel better about their lives

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