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Mom’s mermaid game ideas are garbage

A local mom’s riff on her 3-year-old’s usual game of mermaid hit a flat note Tuesday at the pool as she suggested one bad idea after another. “I tried to establish a new persona, Daphne the dolphin, but that idea was greeted with a ‘no, no, no , no ….we’re not playin’ that!’” said the mom. “After resuming my old role as Dolphiny, I suggested a pretend seaweed dinner. This idea was summarily dismissed and it took some time for full recovery from the frustration of dealing with something so unworkable.”

After touching base about her subpar work, the mom has agreed to keep her head down and be a team player. “I was hoping to disrupt the industry,” she said. “But we don’t have early adopters in our group and it’s important that we stick to best practices.”

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