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Mom uses second grade Valentine’s Day party to showcase artistic genius

An area mom charged with planning and leading the craft for her 8-year-old daughter’s class Valentine’s Day party bravely seized the opportunity to show the world that she is a tortured artistic genius with big ideas. “I had some wild ideas, including decorating gender-ambiguous cookies with sad faces and one bite taken out,” she said. “The symbolism is just so rich, and there is so much for the kids to explore.” Further reporting reveals that the mom realized that idea was insane and refocused on heart-shaped dream catchers. She hopes that the vaguely offensive appropriation used at a school with the already questionable mascot, The Braves, won’t be taken at face value. “I just hope that the group will understand the subtext and see that I’m really trying to flip this whole thing around,” said the mom, who has absolutely no Native American heritage. “If they understand the subversive symbolism, they’ll see that I’m more than just a mom. I’m also a philosopher and a performance artist.”

The mom settled on a heart-shaped dream catcher

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